2016 Chinese New Years Menu

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***新點心單 NEW DIM SUM MENU***

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被安省旅遊局旗下非貿利組織 "Central Counties Tourism"選為主要推廣目標,我們將推出幾次特別活動

四月/六月(April/June) - 以酒配餚 Wine and Food Pairing

以葡萄酒配不同菜式。Pairing Food and Wine

壹款酒配壹款菜式。One Wine with One Dish

以葡萄酒加入烹製。Infusing Wine into Dishes

五月/七月(May/July) - 以茶配餚 Tea and Food Pairing

茗茶及中國茶配不同菜式。Tea Tasting and Food Pairing

壹款茶配壹款菜式。Pairing One Type of Tea with One Dish

以茶加入烹製。Infusing Tea into Food


位於 HIGHWAY 7  MCCOWAN 東北角即将进入第九年﹐ 多次獲得政府頒發 "Eat Smart" 大獎茶靚點心正﹐ 晚飯自創菜式好評如潮。只此一家﹐別無分店

(最近有了一間以"Elegance Chinese Cuisine"為名﹐ 容易混淆視聽﹐ 敬請留意)

Located at the north east corner of the intersection of Highway 7 East and McCowan and now entering it's 9th year, receiving the Government awarded "Eat Smart" certification on numerous occasions.  Traditional Chinese Dim Sum and unique dishes.  Only one location, no other branches.

(There is another Chinese restaurant similarly named, called "Elegance Chinese Cuisine", it is easy to confuse the two but these stores are not related)

訂座電話 Reservations: (905)209-1313